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Boarding vs. Pet Sitting


Pet Sitting

  • Pets are kept in small cages
  • Prices are per pet
  • Sanitation is often a concern
  • Pets often return home sick or injured
  • Pets receive little human interaction
  • Daily exercise/affection cost extra
  • Routines are disrupted
  • Alternate diet often provided
  • No regular updates on your pets
  • In-home, complimentary consultation
  • Prices are per visit, not per pet
  • Pets remain in their own homes
  • Individualized care for your pets
  • Daily exercise and affection
  • Diet and feeding schedule maintained
  • Medications kept on schedule
  • Pets aren't exposed to illnesses
  • Added home security while away
  • House sitting services included
  • Receive daily updates on your pets

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Why Us?

Not all pet sitters are created equal. Often times pet sitters set up shop with little or no regard for the legal and liability requirements of caring for someone else`s pets.

Amy`s Pet Sitting Service is licensed, bonded, insured and all sitters have clear background checks.  

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