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Amy understood our need to find someone who would be really sweet to our little Nicky. Nicky was anxious and shy around new people. Leandra was incredibly sweet to our little boy. Nicky went to heaven, unexpectedly, leaving us brokenhearted. Today, I received a gift from Amy in the mail, "Dog Heaven" by Cynthia Rylant. Amy's thoughtfulness, compassion, and understanding the depth of losing our little Nicky is deeply appreciated, thank you so much. Amy's Pet Sitting Service is outstanding not only in matching sitters to the needs of pets, but in caring, just plain caring, for pets and owners.

- Sheila C., Nicky

  When we have to leave our dog at home, we want to feel comfortable that our dog is safe, cared for and loved the way we love her - even with her goofy quirks. Amy's service does exactly that. First of all, our dog is happy, happy when we get home - as in she had a great time and was very well cared for. She used to get a little depressed and even lie in our suitcases before we would leave. Not any more. We get daily reports of how she is doing, what they are up to, pictures and more. This gives us so much confidence in her care and let's us see that she is a happy girl. Amy follows what we have set up for our dog's routine to a tee, gives her plenty of exercise, lots of snuggling and most of all plenty of love. We completely trust Amy and her team and do not have any hesitations when we have to leave our dog (other than we miss our dog.) We are absolutely delighted with Amy and would recommend her to anyone who wants their pet loved as they love them. Again - the real proof is what a happy, happy dog we have when we return. Thank you so much Amy and team. You are truly the best!!!

- Randi N., Keela

  My husband and I used Amy's Pet sitting Service for 3 days while out of town. I was so nervous about leaving them. But Amy's Pet Sitting quickly put my mind at ease. Amy cared for my horse and donkey like they were her very own. She sent detailed texts to me every feeding about their behavior and a final report card was emailed to me. It was like I was with them the entire time. That meant so much to me. She gave them treats and went above and beyond in caring for the 2 of them. Such a huge relief to know there is a service with such a high level of professionalism and compassion for animals as Amy's Pet Sitting. I can't thank her enough, and highly recommend this service to everyone needing their animal friends cared for. I will most definitely use this service in the future, and I know Homer and Caro look very forward to seeing Amy again!

- Bobbi G., Homer & Caro

  My dogs are my babies and I have left them with sitters and in doggie hotels in the past without feeling comfortable at all. With Amy, I felt totally at ease. She not only had no problems with my dogs' spoiled idiocyncracies, she kept me informed about them on a regular basis. She really got to know my pets and treated them as her own. And the report card was a delightful touch:) I won't leave my pups with anyone else again.. Thanks Amy!

- Sam C., Chewie & Padme

   My husband and I just recently moved to Spokane Valley. During our l-o-n-g moving process across the state we were fortunate to find Amy's Petsitting Service. I can't even begin to explain what a relief it was to find her! Our cat Marlin is a standoffish boy and pretty much rules his own roost! Amy came over to meet with my husband and kitty prior to one of our last minute trips and made us feel very reassured about leaving our pet in her care. She was professional and very thorough about the care she would provide. The next morning I received a message from her letting me know he was doing fine and all was well. What a welcome surprise! Since that first visit with Amy we have used her services just about EVERY weekend for the past month and a half while trying to plow through our weekend warrior moving trips - and plan to continue to do so for upcoming vacations, etc. We are so grateful for her help and exceptional care with our cat - she truly is a gem!

- Mandy H., Marlin 

   As all we pet owners know, it's hard to leave your pets and harder still (at least for me) to feel comfortable leaving them with someone - no matter who they are. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Amy.

   My two dogs are special and quirky - as in emotional and shy and don't take to strangers easily. Within ten minutes my Ranger was giving her kisses! I was sold. Amy has a very calm presence and that came through to me and obviously to the dogs.

   After providing her with a lengthy set of instructions for just visiting them mid-day for potty breaks, she didn't freak out or think I was weird. She was more than willing to do whatever I did so that the pups would keep their routine.

   In addition to sending me either a text or email after every visit, she also left me a "report card" with how the dogs did and reacted to her which was a nice treat. I like the attention to detail and extra information. It was just like I was there!

   As a bonus to the report card, Amy also left a couple of homemade treats for the dogs AND a dozen eggs from her own chickens!

   It's just so comforting to know I can trust and rely on someone to handle things in my absence. I didn't worry for one minute which is an amazing gift for me when I'm away from home. 

   I've already schedule another week with her and have her booked for a long weekend with overnight stays - another nice bonus - no kennels! Amy's prices are reasonable, she is very professional and dependable - you can't go wrong!

- Pamela D., Trixie & Ranger

Amy and her assistant were wonderful with my girls. The attention to detail and frequent updates really helped to put me at ease while I was out of town.

- Sally P., Daisy & Maisy

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